Friday, May 16, 2014

Hummus Taco

Using whatever is in the house is my way of operating. This taco is totally a product of that way of thinking. It made a lovely easy fresh lunch. This means that you, too, can make a fabulous taco lunch practically no matter what you have around for ingredients. This is what happened today and I do recommend it!

Hummus Taco

Corn tortillas (ready made or home made)
Tomatoes - cut into chunks (we used kumatoes, but cherry or grape tomatoes would work)
Avocado - cut into small cubes
Mushrooms sliced thinly and cut into rectangular bits (I used white button mushrooms)
Hummus - ready made or homemade (we used roasted red pepper hummus)
Red pepper chopped in small bits
Hot sauce - your favorite kind

 Put all the cut up ingredients on a large plate. Heat each tortilla about 30 seconds per side over a hot gas burner or in a small nonstick fry pan. Load your taco with the assortment of goodies and enjoy! So simple it almost seems crazy to write this down. It didn't occur to me that I would blog this, so the only picture I have is what was left I my hand when my husband said, "this was so good, you should blog it."

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